Why Solar Panel Quality Really Matters - Ausola

Choosing solar panels that stand the test of time is a critical decision, especially in the booming Australian solar market. With the surge in homeowners and businesses transitioning to solar energy, selecting the right system from a trusted installer becomes a pivotal choice. With so many options available you may be asking yourself, does quality really matter? Here’s why!


Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equally

The first thing to look for when purchasing Sunshine Coast solar panels is approval from the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This ensures that the system you are purchasing is reliable and is suitable for installation. Contrary to the misconception that all solar panels are created equal, only a handful of manufacturers in Australia provide reliable, top-quality solar systems. Ausola, standing as a reputable player in the industry, ensures that their panels meet the highest standards for performance and longevity. Opting for Ausola’s premium panels, even if they come with a slightly higher price tag, guarantees decades of reliable performance.

Avoid Cheap Price Tags

One mistake to avoid is selecting cheap components or price tags. While it may be tempting in the current economic climate, it will only cause more purchases down the track. Ausola emphasises the importance of considering various factors such as capacity, efficiency, quality, warranty, and customer service, rather than solely focusing on price. Cheaper alternatives may provide initial performance but are prone to quick degradation, especially under Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

They Must Withstand Australia’s Tough Conditions

The durability of solar panels becomes especially crucial in the Australian context, where the weather can be harsh and unpredictable. High-quality panels are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, intense sunlight, wind, rain, and hail, ensuring they continue to function optimally even after exposure to such challenging conditions. This resilience is particularly important given the upfront investment involved in residential and commercial solar installations.

Consider Your Solar Warranties

The significance of solar warranties should not be underestimated. Ausola emphasises the importance of choosing a manufacturer with a presence in Australia, ensuring credibility and facilitating the claims process for product and performance warranties. In an industry where many suppliers lack local operations, Ausola stands out as a reliable provider with a decade-long commitment to serving solar on the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and other regions across Queensland.


Choose a Company With Reputable Brands

Ausola’s dedication to delivering high-quality solar products is evident in its long-standing relationships with reputable brands. As a 100% Australian-owned company, their approach is one of honesty, with Ausola you can guarantee the finest solar equipment. Our partners include SMA, Edging Pv, Canadian Solar, Fronius, Sungrow and Samsung.


If you’re installing Queensland, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast solar it’s important to understand that quality matters. Our Queensland solar installers will help you choose the right solar panels for your system so you can receive the benefits for many years to come!

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