Rent Your Roof

An Ausola initiative designed specifically for commercial premises with benefits for both the tenant and landlord

Rent Your Roof Commercial Solar

Rent Your Roof
Commercial Solar

Many organisations operate their business during the day, with about 80% of their power being used during this time. With Ausola’s Rent Your Roof initiative, you can now make huge savings on your energy bill, with no upfront costs and make the switch to solar.



Maintenance program & warranty

As part of Rent Your Roof, Ausola offers a maintenance program to our clients. We use software that is designed specifically to monitor solar performance and ensure that clients stay informed about the health and efficiency of their systems at all times.

Should the app detect any issues or deviations from expected performance, our team is promptly notified, allowing us to take action to rectify any problems. Whether it’s a malfunctioning component or a decrease in power output, Ausola will resolve these issues at no additional cost to our clients.

In addition to proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, Ausola’s maintenance program includes annual cleaning of the solar panels and roof, ensuring maximum energy production and prolonging the lifespan of the system.

A commercial solution for all industries

With this new initiative, Ausola wants to revolutionise the solar energy landscape by eliminating the barrier of upfront costs. This bold approach allows us to extend our services to businesses across all industries, regardless of their financial constraints or budgetary limitations.

By offering a no-upfront-cost solar model, we empower businesses of all sizes and sectors to embrace the benefits of commercial solar energy without the burden of initial investment. Our initiative opens doors for businesses in diverse industries, from manufacturing and hospitality to retail and healthcare, that allows them to harness the power of solar energy and receive all its benefits by making the switch to solar.

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Quality commercial solar installers

At Ausola, our unwavering commitment to excellence in solar installations is paramount. With a team of experienced professionals and a dedication to using top-of-the-line equipment, we ensure that each installation meets the highest industry standards.

Our stringent quality control measures guarantee that our clients receive reliable and efficient solar solutions that stand the test of time. Ausola specialises in serving the commercial market, understanding the immense benefits that solar energy can bring to businesses in all industries.

We recognise that commercial premises have unique energy needs and consumption patterns, making them ideal candidates for solar power integration. By partnering with Ausola, businesses can unlock significant cost savings, reduce their carbon footprint, and enhance their sustainability credentials.

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