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Our Sunshine Coast solar systems are carefully tailored for your property, with only the best products. You can't get more Australian than that!

Sunshine Coast Solar Panels Rebates & Systems

The type and quality of solar panels you choose are also crucial. High-quality panels may have a higher upfront cost but can be more efficient and durable, providing better long-term returns on your investment. Additionally, incentives, rebates, and local regulations can significantly impact the financial aspects of your solar project. The average solar panel system in Sunshine Coast attracts a rebate of around $3,674, this figure varies depending on the location and the size of the system. Anyone who installs new solar panels in Queensland can claim the rebate, even if you are simply upgrading or replacing an existing system. Eventually, the solar rebate will be phased out which is why now is the best time to invest in solar. For more information on the region’s investment into solar energy visit our Sunshine Coast solar page!

Calculate Your Potential Return

Solar panels can be a substantial upfront investment, but they typically pay for themselves through energy savings over time. Calculate your potential return on investment to understand when you’ll start seeing financial benefits from your solar panel system. Furthermore, think about the environmental impact. Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Zero upfront payments

Break-even point average of 3 years

Government grants available

10 to 25-year product warranty

Sunshine Coast Residential Solar Panel Installations

If you reside on the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas, Ausola is the answer to all of your solar power requirements. Government rebates and low-interest loans means that installing solar panels on the Sunshine Coast is an extremely cost effective investment for both residential and commercial properties. To find out more about commercial solar systems for your business click here!

Our team at Ausola will carefully examine your bill and create a method that works for you. We’ll go over the advantages of each type of system, from single-phase to hybrid, battery-ready, and ranging in power from 6.6kw to 20kw, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. We’ll handle everything else, that’s we are your best Sunshine Coast solar installers!

Our detailed proposals include:

Our Sunshine Coast Solar Panel Partners


At Ausola we partner with a range of brands to provide you with quality Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar panels. Our partners include SMA, Edging PV, Canadian Solar, Fronius, Sungrow and Samsung. From small residential systems to a multitude of commercial systems, we don’t just guarantee our work, we keep our word. And we use nothing but the best products. You can’t get more Australian than that.


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