Queensland Solar Rebates - How much can you save

A key part of Queensland’s sustainable energy plan is fostered by solar energy. Solar power in Queensland is paving the way for a cleaner future as it continues to invest in solar energy and use renewable energy, encouraging Australians to do the same. In Queensland the solar panel rebate is available from the Australian Government on an purchase of solar panels as long as the modules and inverter receive approval by the Clean Energy Council and; a CEC accredited installer performs the installation. Many Australians are switching to solar due to the numerous financial benefits, including the potential to save thousands of dollars over the course of their systems. Find out how you can save with solar rebates below!

What are Queensland Solar Rebates?

Solar rebates in Queensland are designed to incentivise homeowners and businesses to adopt solar power and switch to cleaner renewable energy sources. The average solar panel system attracts a rebate of around $3,674, this figure varies depending on the location and the size of the system. Anyone who instals new solar panels in Queensland can claim the rebate, even if you are simply upgrading or replacing an existing system. Eventually, the solar rebate will be phased out which is why now is the best time to invest in solar. If you live in Queensland and are tired of high energy bills, and want to take advantage of the benefits but want to minimise the cost of solar installation, solar rebates will help you save now and into the future.

Reduced Energy Bills & Long Term Savings

By using solar panels to reduce your reliance on grid electricity, you lower your electricity bills. Any excess energy you generate but don’t use immediately can be fed back into the grid for credit or payment, further reducing your bills. Generating excess electricity means you can become eligible to receive a payment from your solar company or government known as a feed-in-tariff which is usually paid per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that you feed into the grid. This can reduce your electricity bills, making your solar investment more financially beneficial. It’s important to note that feed-in tariff programs and rates offered can vary significantly from region to region and may change over time. Before installing a system it’s important to understand the current rates and eligibility.

While solar is a costly initial investment, the long term savings are substantial. Over the 20-30 year lifespan of your panels you can save thousands of dollars on electricity prices. Areas in Queensland receive a high number of days of sunshine which makes an investment in solar great for homeowners and business owners to utilise natural resources, save on costs and show commitment to sustainability. To read more ways you can save money on your home in Queensland click here!

Save $$ Today With Ausola

Due to the rising cost of electricity, there has never been a better time to invest in solar panel installation in Queensland. Ausola offers high-quality services, including the installation of solar panels and premium solar batteries, ensuring that your system will last a lifetime. We guide you through every step of the process because switching to solar energy demands a considerable financial investment, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen wisely. Depending on the size of the system you require, the government will contribute anywhere from $3,000 and $47,000. Contact your local solar provider today!