How To Protect Your Queensland Home from Rising Energy Prices

If you’re a homeowner you may already be aware about the increase in electricity bills and energy pricing that is predicted to rise by 50% over the next 12 months. With inflation and fuel costs also rising it’s important to consider new ways to lower financial costs like implementing solar energy. Residential solar offers a solution to many of these problems, homeowners can attain almost complete grid independence by installing the proper size solar battery. Installing solar in your home is not only a wise investment, but it also raises the value of your home. It also lessens the need for you to rely so much on the grid, which can cut your power cost by up to 80%.


While solar is a significant initial cost, it is a rewarding investment saving you thousands over the lifetime of your systems. For instance a standard solar system can save you around $40 a week, eventually paying for itself. Additionally, recent government grants and incentives means there’s no better time to invest in solar than now.  For more information on the solar in Queensland read our blog on Queensland Solar Rebates! Solar energy savings don’t have to be difficult. Every state offers federal and government grants, so you can take advantage of these and save even more. At Ausola, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best systems for the lowest cost and the most amount of savings!

How Residential Solar Systems Work

Your solar system will produce electricity using the sun during daylight hours. The solar inverter converts this power into electricity for your home appliances instead of drawing power from the grid. Any excess electricity generated by solar panels but not used by appliances is sent back to the electricity grid or used to charge a solar battery. Electricity providers pay a feed-in tariff for any electricity sent back to the grid which then helps offset the cost of your power bills.

Your solar energy system in your home will always use clean electricity produced before power from the grid however, will switch to grid power if your home uses more electricity than it can generate. The size of the solar energy system you install has a great impact on the amount of money you save. It’s important to choose a system that is large enough to cover your power usage.

solar on melbourne house

Residential Solar Benefits

Solar panels only need sunshine to work, even in winter, Queensland still experiences several days of sunshine making it the perfect location for solar panel installation. Solar has the ability to significantly reduce your monthly utility costs, and given the growing trend in utility costs, solar is expected to continue to be a wise financial decision for years to come. Your ability to save money is influenced by how much electricity you use, how big your solar energy system is, and how much power it can produce. Lastly, solar panels drastically increase the value of your home with buyers seeing solar panels as an additional investment.

Ausola installs solar in Queensland homes and takes pride in providing a specialised level of service. Get in touch with Ausola right immediately if you live in a Queensland city and want to begin using solar electricity!