Sunshine Coasts Transition to Renewable Energy

solar in sunshine coast

Sunshine Coasts Transition to renewable energy The Sunshine Coast is a Queensland region home to over 300 days of sunshine on average, per year. As a result, several businesses and homeowners are recognising the sunny climate as an opportunity to utilise the natural resources and invest in solar power. The Sunshine Coast is paving the […]

The Economic Benefits of Solar in Queensland

The economic benefits of solar in queensland In previous years, Queensland has encouraged renewable energy to reduce emissions, create new jobs and improve the state’s economy. Already, more than 790,000 homes and small businesses across Queensland have rooftop solar, which generates around 4,700MW of clean energy. Queensland has the highest rate of household rooftop solar […]

Queensland Solar Rebates – How Much Can You Save?

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Queensland Solar Rebates – How much can you save A key part of Queensland’s sustainable energy plan is fostered by solar energy. Solar power in Queensland is paving the way for a cleaner future as it continues to invest in solar energy and use renewable energy, encouraging Australians to do the same. In Queensland the […]