Townsville Commercial Solar Power for Your Small or Medium-sized Business

Have you considered adding solar panels to your Townsville business but are unsure where to begin? Townsville was named one of Australia’s Solar Cities back in 2006 and since then have been implementing solar across the region as a new environmentally friendly way for businesses and homes to supply and consume electricity.

Townsville’s Feed-in Tariffs and Solar Rebates

Homeowners in Townsville who install solar panels can receive incredibly large Federal Government solar rebates. For businesses in Townsville, there is a solar feed-in tariff (FIT) available! The amount your energy retailer pays you for the extra solar energy you give back into the grid is known as the feed-in tariff! Commercial business owners in Townsville have embraced solar energy to take advantage of the numerous financial advantages, saving thousands during the systems’ lifetimes!

solar panels at sunset

Installing Solar Panels in Townsville? Here are the top benefits!

  • Slash your power bill by up to 70%!
  • Protect yourself against continually rising power prices
  • Solar feed-in tariffs (get paid for energy you don’t use)
  • Generate clean, renewable energy and protect our future
  • 3–5 year return on investment!
  • Position yourself as a business committed to sustainability
  • Less impact on the environment by producing your own renewable energy when the sun is shining
Solar power in Townsville is definitely a valuable business investment, the weather in Townsville mostly sunny. Winters are warm with an average low of 24.3°, while scorching summers have an average high of 30.3°. Townsville has a solar irradiation level of 5.73 kWh/sq m/day, which means that every single day, the sun shines down on solar panels you install in Townsville and supplies them with 5.73 kWh of power per square metre! Think of the money you could be saving!

Things To Consider for Your Townsville Business

Before buying or installing a solar system, it is a good idea to speak to multiple authorised installers about your unique needs and obtain various quotations, just as with any other business investment. Alternatives to making an initial deposit on your new solar system may be provided by your selected solar installer. Your solar system installer may consider:

  • Electricity consumption throughout the day – Companies are more likely to benefit from solar energy if they consume the majority of their electricity during the day, when solar panels produce electricity.
  • Your business’s electricity usage will help you determine the appropriate system size for you, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Your Townsville Commercial Installer – Ausola

Ausola has provided solar installation to several commercial businesses across Townsville and pride themselves on a consistent and personalised service. We understand investing in solar panels is a lifetime commitment that’s why we provide an entirely personalised service! The ongoing investment of solar power in Townsville, is paving the way for a better future, inspiring Australians to do the same. Start Your Commercial Solar Journey Today.