The Top 5 Queensland Regions That Are Transforming Solar

Queensland, known for its abundant sunshine and vast landscapes, is witnessing a transformative shift towards sustainable energy solutions. As the Queensland solar revolution sweeps across the state, several suburbs are leading the change, embracing solar innovation to power homes, businesses, and communities.

Queensland Fills 6 of the Top 10 Solar Postcodes in Australia

Just in the last year 75,000 Queensland homes and businesses installed solar, recognising solar as one of the best ways that you can manage power bills that have spiralled out of control with globally high coal and gas prices. Queensland solar is a success story that demonstrates the power that governments have to make clean technology more accessible to all!

solar building in toowoomba qld

Position 1.0 – Bundaberg Solar Initiatives

Bundaberg is the top position in Queensland with 12,620 installations and a capacity of 47,500kW!

As a region known for its agricultural prowess, Bundaberg has diversified its energy sources, with solar becoming an integral part of the local infrastructure. The abundance of sunlight complements the city’s commitment to sustainability, making Bundaberg solar energy an economically viable and environmentally friendly choice for both residential and commercial purposes. Bundaberg’s solar initiatives showcase the synergy between rural traditions and forward-thinking energy practices.

Position 3.0 – Hervey Bay Solar as a Commitment to Sustainability

Hervey Bay sits at position No 3 with 11,387 installations and 39,674kW!

Hervey Bay, nestled along the pristine shores of Queensland, has emerged as a radiant renewable hub, showcasing a commitment to harnessing the power of the sun. With its ample sunlight and eco-conscious community, Hervey Bay has witnessed a surge in solar installations on residential and commercial properties. The suburb’s residents have embraced Hervey Bay solar energy not only for its cost-saving benefits but also as a testament to their dedication to environmental stewardship. As solar panels adorn rooftops and solar farms fill the landscape, Hervey Bay exemplifies how a coastal community can lead the way in sustainable energy practices.

solar in hervey bay

Position 5.0 – Toowoomba’s Solar Transformation

Toowoomba is at position 5, with residents and businesses recognising the financial and environmental benefits!

Toowoomba is making significant strides in utilising its solar potential. The suburb’s embrace of solar power is not only driven by economic considerations but also by a strong commitment to reducing carbon footprints. Toowoomba’s residents recognise the long-term benefits of solar energy, and many homes and businesses have integrated solar panels into their energy portfolios. Toowoomba’s solar innovation extends to educational institutions and public spaces, demonstrating a collective effort to create a greener, more sustainable Toowoomba.

Ausola – Your Queensland Solar Installers

Queensland is leading the way on renewables as the Government heads towards its target of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Currently, Queensland fills six of the top 10 rooftop solar postcodes in Australia, by number of installations. For more information on Queensland’s solar growth, click here. At Ausola, our certified Queensland solar installers can assist you in switching to sustainable business practices, offering the finest solar equipment and service. Ausola services not just central Queensland cities but also large commercial properties in Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay and other Queensland regions!