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Our Ipswich solar systems are carefully tailored for your commercial property, to maximise savings on your power bill. Our guarantee to look after you is part of being Ausola.

Solar Power Ipswich QLD

Ausola is a solar company based in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast that serves a number of Queensland cities, including Ipswich. Our company culture is open and honest, so you can rest assured that all of your solar demands will be met. With a focus on quality and efficiency, we specialise in a range of solar products including, solar inverters, solar battery systems, and solar panels. Our Ipswich experts will recommend a system that is precisely the right size for your individual needs, while also ensuring a high degree of quality that benefits both you and your building. We offer solar power solutions to a variety of commercial businesses in Ipswich and are committed to assisting our clients in implementing sustainable energy sources.

Embracing solar power in Ipswich has provided a number of benefits that have positively impacted both the community and the city’s progression. Ipswich is a city in Queensland otherwise known as the sunshine state, with several days of sunlight, Ipswich is well-suited for solar power. Solar energy has provided local businesses and residences with the opportunity to utilise the sunshine, save on electricity costs, and demonstrate commitment to sustainability. At Ausola, we have 20 years of experience and have provided a number of commercial sites in Ipswich with solar panels. Our company takes pleasure in providing high-quality services and is committed to increasing the use of solar power and other sustainable resources, encouraging Australians to do the same.

Solar in Ipswich

The Queensland government promotes the shift to renewable energy by offering a variety of solar incentives, such as new financial programmes, educating consumers and businesses, and fast tracking the installation process. Given that electricity rates are expected to increase by 50% in the coming year, now is the time to invest in solar panel installation in Ipswich. Ausola provides high-quality services such as the installation of premium solar batteries and solar panels to ensure the longevity of your system. We walk you through the entire process because we understand that switching to solar energy is a significant financial investment, and we want you to be confident in your decision.

Several Australians and Ipswich properties are switching to solar power systems because of the numerous financial benefits, such as saving thousands of dollars over the life of their systems.

Zero upfront payments

Break-even point average of 3 years

Government grants available

10 to 25-year product warranty

Commercial Solar Ipswich

Ausola is dedicated to commercial solar power and provides solar solutions to a wide range of industries, delivering more than simply residential solar installation. Due to our streamlined procedures, knowledge, and current government incentives, we have successfully encouraged many businesses in Ipswich to invest in commercial solar systems. Along with providing the greatest solar equipment and services, our skilled Ipswich solar installers can help you determine the best sustainable solar option for you. Ausola provides commercial business services in both rural and urban areas of central Queensland. Commercial company incentives are available for all of our solar systems. Depending on the size of the system required, the government can provide funding ranging from $3,000 to $47,000. For further details, see our page on commercial solar.

commercial solar

Commercial Solar for Rural and Urban Businesses

Solar energy has developed as a reliable alternative energy source in Ipswich’s rural areas where there is often a limited amount of readily available electricity. Solar power systems are an ideal way for large commercial enterprises, such as hospitals, to avoid the costs and difficulties associated with obtaining electricity. Ausola provides its services to a variety of businesses from Cairns to the Gold Coast that are interested in installing solar battery systems, solar panels, or other environmentally friendly solutions. There are various commercial solar alternatives available, regardless of how big or small your firm is or how many locations it has. Many Ipswich businesses have benefited from solar panels, which have decreased their electricity consumption as well as their carbon footprint.

Your Ipswich Solar Company

Ausola’s professional staff will analyse your bill in detail and design a customised system to suit. Ranging from 6.6kw up to 20kw single-phase systems, hybrid and battery-ready systems, we’ll walk you through the benefits of each so you can decide what’s best for you. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our detailed proposals include:

Smart savings with government grants

Government rebates and financial incentives mean that installing solar panels in Ipswich is an extremely cost-effective investment. Ausola understands that investing in solar is a long-term commitment and investment, that’s why we ensure efficient service providing everything from providing quality solar batteries to installing your solar systems.

Saving with solar doesn’t have to be hard. With federal and government grants available in every state, it means you can take advantage of these and save even more. At Ausola, we help you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the best systems at the best price with maximum savings.

Commitment to Quality

Due to the lowering costs of solar technology and the introduction of new government incentives, solar power has turned into a viable investment for residents and business owners. There has never been a better time to switch to solar power than now, with power prices predicted to increase by 50% over the next 12 months.
With Ausola, you not only invest in high-quality products but also high-quality services. We can assist you in identifying the ideal solution for you because we recognise how challenging it can be to navigate solar power systems. 

Ipswich Solar Installation

If you live in or near Ipswich, Ausola is the answer to all of your solar power demands. We offer a comprehensive selection of solar services to Ipswich and other Queensland cities such as Hervey Bay and Gladstone, and have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Ausola can provide outstanding solar installation and supplies if you own a business and wish to transition to solar. We will analyse your bill and design a three-phase system customised to you in order to considerably minimise your daily energy consumption. The best part is that we can guide you through each stage, allowing you to concentrate on running your business while we manage the rest!

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